The Truth Behind Food Thieves

Have you ever wondered who's the person stealing your snacks?

I hate to break it to you, but it's the people closest to us.

Americans, we have a problem. We love snacks and we will do anything to get them.

So that's why what I'm about to tell you isn't so shocking.

According to a new study done by OnePoll, the biggest food thieves in our lives is our partners and following close behind with the biggest food snatchers are our co-workers.

It's the people closest to us that can cause the biggest pain.

But don't lie to yourself, you know when your partner isn't looking you steal a fry or two.

Another fascinating discovery in this study is that out of 2,000 Americans it was founded that 1 in 10 have stolen candy from a child.

The co-worker food thieves has had effects on the work places. 1 in 3 Americans have admitted they've stopped bringing their lunch to work all together, while 6 in 10 admit to hiding their food.

Some of the most common food targets are chips, fruit, candy, coffee, and juice.

At home the common targets are ice cream, chips, candy, fruit, and juice.

So next time you're food is gone, ask your partner or co-worker. Odds are they took it.

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