#TechTalk - Cameras vs. Phone Cameras

So you're thinking of getting a fancy new camera?

"I already have one on my phone, though," you think. "Gee, I wish there was an easy place to see the differences between regular cameras and phone cameras."

Well, you're in luck!

Marc Saltzman wrote just such an article in Costco Connection.

He says that although smartphones are incredibly convenient and are getting better and better in quality, getting a good camera is still a great idea for 3 reasons:

  1. Cameras have better image quality
  2. Cameras have better zoom (most phones add more pixels as opposed to having a "true opitcal zoom")
  3. Most cameras are more rugged and "adventure proof"

For a full analysis, definitely check out that Costco Connection. Also, listen to today's featured segment. He goes into cameras, the new Samsung phones cracking, and the Google Home for your car.

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