Santa Anita Horse Deaths May Become a Statewide Issue

Since December 2018, 23 horses have died at Santa Anita race track. Animal rights activists say they’re wishing to make the horse deaths at Santa Anita a statewide issue.

"It's time to align our ethics and values for the just treatment of horses. With liberty and justice for all." Santa Anita is among a number of high profile tracks in the country that have just announced the phasing out of an anti-bleeding medication known as Lasix. Animal rights groups say that this particular drug makes horses more vulnerable to injury and that the recent changes banning the use of race-day medication and whips do not go far enough.

"We are not interested in reform or so-called welfare improvements. We want an end."

Santa Anita will continue racing through the end of the current meet on June 23, despite objections from animal rights activists who urged the California Horse Racing Board to shutter the historic track in the wake of 23 horse deaths.

Chairman Chuck Winner said at the racing board’s monthly meeting Thursday that he saw no reason to reallocate any of Santa Anita’s dates to another track.

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