Coke-Head Gets Cracked with a Bat

Hmmm...I wonder what's happening in Florida right now.

Oh look, another strange robbery.

According to ABC News, on Sunday morning, Antonio Mosely tried to break into Clarese Gainey's car. He was reportedly around 5' 6", 300 pounds, and, for some reason, was only in his boxers.

Did I mention this was in Florida? That might explain some of this whole thing.

Anyway, Gainey called the police, and then decided to defend herself and her car.

She said that she took her bat and walked outside. She later states, "I took that bat and hit him upside the head like 'pi-yah!' He said 'Ow!'".

The police came and tracked him down to his mobile home where he was putting on some clothes. The cops found some cocaine in the pocket of his pants when they arrested him. He is being held for drug possession and burglary.

Gainey said that Mosely was lucky that she didn't have his gun. She lifted her bat and said, "But this is my gun right here. Because I gone Pi-yow!"

Honestly though, watch the video. It is impossible for anyone to accurately write down her sound effects. IT...IS...GREAT.

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