Well here’s some bad news for people with bad handwriting: cursive is having a renaissance. A lot of people grew up having to learn cursive handwriting. Then came the rise of computers in school and at home. Plus the prevalence of email as a method of communication. Before long, people could go months without writing anything by hand. And that development was a godsend to folks with terrible penmanship. Like me. My handwriting is in the bottom 10th percentile of legibility. Should you doubt me (why are you doubting me??!!??), here’s a true story:

One day I was filling in as producer for Handel. One of the things we do is write some info on a whiteboard for Bill to refer to. Here’s a recent example of what the whiteboard looks like (not my writing).

whiteboard handwriting

I wrote some stuff on the whiteboard that day, and I was trying REALLY HARD to write as legibly as possible. Nonetheless, Bill demanded that I erase it and get someone else to write it instead. And he wasn’t being unreasonable. That’s how awful my handwriting is.


Common Core eliminated handwriting as a requirement in 2010. Now, lawmakers in several states are enacting legislation to bring back cursive writing as part of school curriculums.

There ARE benefits. Many researchers claim that handwriting helps with cognitive development, memory, and even motor coordination. Some children have a condition known as developmental dysgraphia, where their motor skills are impaired when trying to write letters, and cursive can be a great training tool to help. It’s also widely accepted that taking notes by hand (as opposed to typing) help with retention of the material.


So does taking notes by PRINTING INSTEAD OF WRITING CURSIVE. And here’s another thing: in my experience it is easier to print that write cursive with modern standard cheap ball point pens because of the amount of pressure that needs to be applied to the paper. I supposed that if you want to rock an expensive rollerball or old-timey quill pen, cursive could be an easier option.

I just use whatever stick pens KFI has laying around.

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