$3 Million Homeless Shelter Opens in Hollywood

A homeless shelter recently opened in Hollywood, giving 72 homeless people a place to rest their heads at night. For the rest of the homeless still walking along the sidewalks, crackdowns are being implemented to control street camps.

The $3 million shelter is the second facility to open its doors under Mayor Eric Garcetti's "A Bridge Home" initiative, staking its place between Sunset and Hollywood boulevards.

The shelter is a 7,200-square-foot structure with semi-private cubicles, heat and air conditioning, and services, including intensive counseling.

Social workers said having homeless residents under one roof at the shelter will make it easier to find housing for them, LA Times reports.

Homeless advocates are worried the street cleanup enforcement will only make things worse for the homeless population.

L.A. sanitation workers started street cleanup in Hollywood April 8 which they call "soft enforcement," gently waking up the vagrants and telling them to pack their stuff and move elsewhere.

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Photo: Getty Images

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