OCDA Todd Spitzer Leads Press Conference Denouncing Death Row Moratorium

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer led a press conference Thursday morning to denounce Gov. Gavin Newsom's moratorium on the death penalty.

Family member's of murder victims and a handful of district attorneys from across the state joined Spitzer in slamming Newsom's idea to hold the executions of 737 inmates currently incarcerated in California.

"Governor Newsom took a knife and stabbed all the victims and all the victims' families in the heart," Spitzer said at the conference.

The press conference comes just after prosecutors in the state announced they will seek the death penalty for the the man accused of being the "Golden State Killer."

Newsom spent his first days back from vacation visiting El Salvador, promoting tourism and criticizing President Trump's rhetoric on immigration.

“The governor decided to spend the week out of state, out of country, to meet with people he thinks are victims, when he could have met with victims in his own state,” Spitzer said.

Todd Spitzer will join the show today at 5:00 p.m. with a follow up from the governor's office.

Watch the full press conference above.

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