Glendora Illegal Pot Operation Exposed By a Downed Tree

High winds have smoked out some high times in Glendora. On Tuesday night, a fallen tree crashed into a couple of ranch-style homes exposing an illegal marijuana operation growing 400 marijuana plants under one roof. A neighbor named Russ says the tree did a lot of damage penetrating the roof and starting a huge fire upon impact.

"One of the grow lights came in contact with what it was growing and started a fire." Russ says that he didn't have any idea that his neighbors were growing marijuana.

"They were apparently renters, and we've just seen them on occasion come and go," he added.

"This was an enormous tree and probably larger than 90% of the trees out there. You can see that it impacted the roof in numerous locations."

Police have not made any arrest for the illegal operation as of Wednesday afternoon.

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