Fish Man Avoids Animal Cruelty Charges

Fish Man Michael Hinson, pictured below, is having his charges dropped after he was accused of leaving his pet fish Oscar behind after he had been evicted from his apartment. Oscar was then discovered after his eviction in a dirty tank.

Photo Credit: New Hanover County Sheriff

Fish Man had originally been charged with animal cruelty and abandonment, but according to the New Hanover County District Attorney, Ben David, fish are not protected under the law.

I guess fish lives don't matter?

I'm sure this isn't surprising at all but according to a county Sheriff, this was the county's first animal cruelty case that involved a fish.

But hey, even though the county doesn't care about fish lives, at least the fish is now in good hands. A local aquarium in the area took Oscar in and are nursing him back to life. In the video above you can see Oscar the fish is doing just fine and is living its best fish life.

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