#TerrorInTheSkies: Tantrum Twerking Before Takeoff


When in doubt, twerk it out!

Now, I'm not sure if that's an actual phrase or not (I'm almost certain it isn't...), but that seems to be this lady's motto.

It all started when the flight crew asked this lady to turn off her phone.

Pretty standard request for a flight.

Well, as you could probably guess from the title, this lady didn't take too kindly to that request.

Rather than just agreeing or asking if "airplane mode" would be sufficient, she, well, she didn't...

Step 1 - Get up

Step 2 - Throw tantrum

Step 2.1 - Yell at flight crew

Step 2.2 - Respond to jeering passengers

Step 2.2.1 - Yell at them

Step 2.2.2 - Twerk at them

Step 2.2.3 - Yell at passengers that jeer your twerking

i.e. - “Record all you f*** want!”

Step 2.2.4 - Threaten passengers that jeer your twerking

i.e. - "Come fight me then b****! Do something! Do something! Oh nothing ‘cuz you’re a p**** a** h**!”

Step 3 - Get thrown off of plane

Read the full story at New York Post

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