Poll: Social Media Sucks

The latest national NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll revealed some hard truths about the American population's view on social media.

Fifty-seven percent of poll takers said Facebook and Twitter do more to divide the country than unite it and spread falsehood rather than news. Six in 10 Americans also said they don't trust Facebook at all to protect their personal information.

As pollster at the Republican firm Public Opinion Strategies Micah Roberts said, “If America was giving social media a Yelp review, a majority would give it zero stars.”

Unsurprisingly, 82 percent of the poll takers say social media sites do more to waste people's time.

However, the younger bracket of those who participated in the poll were less likely to believe that social media divides the country and spreads unfair attacks and rumors, NBC News reports.

In another question asked, respondents were asked how old a child under 18 is old enough to have their own smartphone, 42 percent answered ages 15 and older; 40 percent say ages 12 to 14; and 11 percent say ages 11 and younger.

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