Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Honorable Mention - Fresno man steals chainsaw from store by shoving it down his pants

9 - Woman sues TGI Friday's because their "potato skins" don't actually contain potato skins

8 - Man breaks record by singing for 106 straight hours, but is disqualified due to break times

7 - Charmin creates "Forever Roll" that is said to last users a full month

6 - Crystal "The Fossil-Sniffing Beagle" finds the leg bone of a woolly rhino

5 - British engineers tricked Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin into putting a British flag on the moon

4 - Apparently college reveal parties area thing now

3 - A store in Dallas is now offering a croissant corsage

2 - New study shows that Skrillex may repel mosquitos

1 - Man admits that the meth in his room was his, not planted by a ghost

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