It's The Final Fur! Vote For Your Favorites in the #BabyAnimalBracket

2019 Baby Animal Bracket

Wow! The Elite Eight has come and gone and the competition for who will be crowned King of the Jungle in the Baby Animal Bracket is fiercer than every!

Without further ado, here are the results from the Elite Eight!

  • Baby Hippo vs Baby Harp Seal: (45-55) - A hotly anticipated matchup between the Baby Hippo and the Baby Harp Seal did NOT disappoint! The Baby Hippo looked strong in early rounds, taking the lead right out of the gate. However, the Baby Harp Seal fired up those sweet baby eyes and it was all over for the Baby Hippo. The Baby Harp Seal moves on to the Final Fur and will certainly be a force to be reckoned with.
  • Baby Pudu vs Baby Skunk: (39-61) - This was a surprise to this sports writer. A newcomer to the Baby Animal Bracket, the Baby Pudu had several strong showings against his competitors in early rounds. However, the Baby Skunk, perhaps drawing on their experience of appearing in last year's Baby Animal Bracket, seems bound and determined not miss out on the championship matchup this year. In fact, the Baby Skunk did not let up all week as the votes poured in for the cute (but possibly stinky) baby animal.
  • Baby Snow Owl vs Baby Penguin: (53-47) - It was a fight or flight situation between the Baby Snow Owl and the Baby Penguin. The two baby animals traded leads through much of the week, with the Baby Penguin remaining strong through the week. However, it appears a final push by the Baby Snow Owl was too much for the Baby Penguin, and we'll be seeing the Baby Snow Owl in the Final Fur.
  • Baby Tapir vs Baby Walrus: (61-39) - Another newcomer to the Baby Animal Bracket, the Baby Tapir has remained humble as it rolled through its competition on the road to the Elite Eight. The Baby Walrus, perhaps feeling overconfident from their strong performance last year, was unable to overcome the Baby Tapir's cuteness, and will have to wait until 2020 for another chance at glory.

So, here we are: It's the Final Fur. Take a look at your competitors below and CLICK HERE to vote for your favorites!

Special thanks to the Los Angeles Zoo for providing some of our Baby Animal Photos!

Photos: Getty Images, L.A. Zoo, Wikimedia, Unsplash

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