#TechTalk: Uber & Lyft Safety Tips

We've all been in an Uber or Lyft.

(Well, I haven't. But that has more to do with my antisocial behavior than anything else...)

And we've all heard the horror stories about Uber and Lyft drivers and passengers.

So, that begs the question: How do you avoid those situations?

The answer?


Just follow these simple safety tips:

  • Wait Indoors - Standing alone on a sidewalk can be dangerous.
  • Look For The Beacon - Just to make sure it's your car.
  • Sit In The Back Seat - The more distance, the better.
  • Tell A Friend - Let someone know where you're going, especially if you're uncomfortable.
  • Don't Overshare - Small talk is fine, but telling the driver your life story may make you vulnerable.
  • Rate Your Driver - If they're great, then say so! If they aren't, then say so! Help keep the company and other passengers informed.

Read the full story at USA Today

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