Lawmakers Apprehensive About Water Tax Vote

By now you may have heard about Gov. Gavin Newsom's proposed "water tax."

Newsom says the tax is needed to raise money to clean up toxic drinking water throughout California, particularly in low-income areas.

Just like Newsom, former lawmaker Josh Newman had a strong love for taxes. Even though Newman was recalled last year, it seems as though his obsession with tax haunts those still moseying around the Capitol.

Current lawmakers are feeling the pressure to pass- or not pass- the water tax that is sure to upset many hard working taxpayers. Considering the fate of Newman after the gas tax was passed, they sure should be shaking in their boots.

As our friend Carl DeMaio, leader of Reform California has said, if these lawmakers vote for the water tax “they will face consequences at the ballot box.”

The water tax will require a two-thirds vote in each house.

Read more about the debate over the water tax at the LA Times.

Photo: Getty Images

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