#MugshotOfTheDay: Pennsylvania Woman Tries to Hide Drugs by Eating Them

Let's all take a guess at what exactly this woman did to land her in jail.

Provided you didn't read ahead...or read the summary...or read the title, would you have guessed that she swallowed 7 bags of heroin?

Fox43 reports that Tiffany Root was pulled over in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The other person in the car was arrested for a bench warrant and she was arrested for possession of controlled substances.

Root had these substances on and in her person.

Due to the location of some of these substances, she had to go to Lancaster General Hospital.

On her way there, she did the most sensible thing she could think of: She took a total of seven bags of heroin that was in her body and attempted to get rid of them by chewing and eating them. .

Luckily, workers at the hospital were able to convince her to spit out the bags.

This desperate attempt to destroy evidence did not work because Root is now facing charges.

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