#MugshotOfTheDay: 3 Guys, 2 Cover-Ups

Photo Credit: Forest Grove Police Department

I guess you could say cookies or bust. Brian Couture from Forest Grove, Oregon is being accused of staging a fake home invasion to help cover up the fact that he had stolen $700 from his OWN daughters Girl Scout cookies sales.

And there wasn't just some small investigation by the police, they went all in. Brooke Gwin told KGW 8 News of Portland, “There were cops from all over, dogs, the forensic team, they had crime scene tape up everywhere.”

When the police arrived though, they found Couture unresponsive, but it looks like he was just pretending to be knocked out. Forest Grove Police captain Michael Hall also told KGW, “There’s a distinct difference between being unconscious and being unresponsive.” And now the police are suspecting that he faked it all.

Couture was arrested for making a false report and for theft.

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Photo Credit: Benton County Sheriff's Office

But that isn't the only story we got today of some dumb dude, but this time we got two. Two men from Northwest Arkansas could be facing some big legal trouble after they tested their bulletproof vests by shooting each other. This won't be a shocker... but alcohol was involved.

Charles Eugene Ferris [Left Photo] and Christopher Hicks [Right Photo] first had to answer some questions after Hicks showed up to a local hospital complaining of chest pain.When being interviewed by the police, Ferris said that he had been paid to protect an "asset" in the woods at a state park. Reports aren't directly staying, but we have a good feeling that that "asset" is Christopher Hicks. After he had met with his "asset," he said the two were then approached by a third person that told them that they should have a gunfight. Ferris said he was struck six times by gunfire.

Ferris says that his "asset" then dropped him off at his car and then proceeded to drive to this hospital. Ferris originally was not telling the hospital the full story, but then his wife showed up. She told them that Ferris and Hicks had shot each other while they had been drinking on the back porch of their home.

Local Police now say that Ferris confessed to wearing a bulletproof vest and had asked his friend to shoot with with his .22-caliber semi-automatic rifle. Both men have been charged with aggravated assault and now could possibly face up to 6 years in prison.

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