#MugshotOfTheDay Follow Up!: Where Is She Now? Prison!

Does this lady look familiar to you?

Well, this is Crystal Mostek, and if you're a fan of our #MugshotOfTheDay series, then you may remember her from a post we did last year.

Today, Mostek gives us a chance at something we have yet to be able to delivery to you.

She gives us the chance to deliver a #MugshotOfTheDay Follow Up!

So, without further ado...

Where is she now???



(Well, that seems oddly anticlimactic, doesn't it?)

Mostek was arrested a year ago when she walked into a Virginia Beach 7-Eleven and put a paper bag with the words "Bomb, Call 911" on the counter. She then went on to actually threaten to blow up the convenience store.

Now, Mostek says she doesn't remember the incident because she was on the wrong medication at the time.

(Reports don't specify if she said it was the wrong medication or "medication." So, use your imagination on that one.)

According to WTKR, after being found guilty yesterday, Mostek will now have to sit in prison for 1 year, be placed on indefinite probation, and will have to pay a $1,235 fine.

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