High School Students Make Robotic Wheelchair For Disabled 2-Year-Old

Talk about a Feel Good Tuesday!

Meet Cillian Jackson.

2-year-old Cillian lives in Farmington, Minnesota and he suffers from a genetic condition that his father, Tyler, says makes mobility difficult.

“He has an especially hard time controlling his body. He has a lot of symptoms you’d see in someone who has cerebral palsy."

Like many kids in his position, Cillian needs a robotic wheelchair to move around. And, like many families, the Jacksons didn't have $20,000 to drop on a wheelchair.

So, Tyler went the Farmington High School robotics team and asked for their help.

Before the teacher could get the words out of his mouth, the students emphatically agreed to help Cillian.

So, they took a Power Wheels toy, a bicycle carrier seat, and a custom 3D-printer designed joystick and made Cillian his very own robotic wheelchair.

(I'm not crying. You're crying!)

Read the full story at WCNC

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