Round 3 Voting for the Baby Animal Bracket is Now Open!

Baby Animal Bracket 2019

Wow! The results from the Baby Animal Bracket's Sweet Sixteen left dozens of busted brackets in its wake as fierce competition between the baby animals resulted in some unexpected winners and losers.

Here's what happened this weekend in round 2 action:

  • Baby Sea Turtle vs Baby Hippo: (32 to 68) - The Baby Hippo continues to dominate his competitors, with another win over the baby Sea Turtles. After the match, the Kemp Ridley Sea Turtles looked disappointed, but, their coach vowed they would scuttle out again next year to try and claim the title!
  • Baby Harp Seal vs Baby Giant Otter: (62 to 38) - One of the most anticipated matchups of the weekend was a back and forth for voters. The Baby Otter pulled out in front when voting first began, but the Harp Seal, relying on their long game, eventually overcame the deficit to win enough hearts and minds for the win.
  • Baby Pudu vs Baby Goat: (55 to 45) - A true upset here! Last year's winner was unable to overcome the Baby Pudu, failing to collect enough votes to move on to the next round. The loss leaves many people with a busted bracket, even as the Baby Pudu keeps fighting to achieve their dream of being crowned the cutest baby animal!
  • Baby Skunk vs Baby Dik dik: (54 to 46) - It was a close matchup between the Baby Skunk and the Baby Dik Dik. But it was the Baby Skunk that left everything out on the table during this weekend's game and they will be the one vying for your votes in Round 3.
  • Baby Platypus vs Baby Snow Owl: (45 to 55) - The Baby Snow Owl appears unassuming, but that's how it gets you. The Baby Platypus, perhaps relying a bit too much on the towel photo, lost out on a repeat appearance in the Final Four.
  • Baby Penguin vs Baby Crane Chick: (93 to 7) - This was barely a competition. The Baby Penguin opened early with an influx of votes and the Baby Crane Chick just couldn't keep up. The Baby Penguin seems determined to win this year and crush the competition after missing out on the championship two years in the row.
  • Baby Blobfish vs Baby Tapir: (23 to 77) - The Baby Tapir is a quiet competitor that the Baby Blobfish just couldn't keep up with .The Tapir moves on to the Elite 8 with the lessons learned.
  • Baby Tamandua vs Baby Walrus: (43 to 57) - The Baby Tamandua (aka Lesser Anteater) is our newest competitor this year, but just couldn't keep up with the more experienced Baby Walrus. Another previous final four contestant who is looking to reclaim glory for his species and is likely to keep up the strong performance.

That said, voting for the Elite Eight has begun! Click here to vote for your favorites and check out the competitors in the gallery below.

(Note, there's a continue gallery that shows up. Just use the mouse to highlight the box and you should see it).

Special thanks to the Los Angeles Zoo for some of the photos for our competitors!

Photos: L.A. Zoo, Getty Images, Unsplash, Wikipedia Creative Commons

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