Woman Calls 911 Because Her Chicken Gyro Was "Nasty"

Have you ever gotten food that was not to your satisfaction? What do you do when that happens? Send the food back? Ask to see the manager? Or do you call the cops on the company?

That is exactly what a woman in Cleveland did when she ordered some food from Gyro Guys.

Cleveland 19 News reports that when this woman had gotten her chicken gyro, she thought it was "nasty". She then proceeded to call 911 saying that the chicken was raw.

She said, "They gave me some chicken that was like nasty and raw. They know I like everything well done and cooked up fresh".

She also had a theory that the restaurant had done this intentionally.

The poor dispatcher told her that she should talk to the health inspector and asked if she needed the paramedics.

The woman, predictably, did not need to go to the hospital.

Also, predictably, she was a regular at the restaurant.

The owner of Gyro Guys, Elias Antonakos, said this about the woman: "There's customers that are just like that. They try to find something. I was accommodating. I gave her a new one and never charged her. At this point, I told my employees, if she comes in we can't serve her".

If you get some food that you don't like, the cops have asked people to not clog up the phones with calls that do not need law enforcement. Personally, I get too embarrassed to even ask for a refund.

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