Some Of The Best Personalized Plates The DMV Had To Reject This Year

It's the best time of the year!

No, not Christmas, it's time for rejected personalized DMV plates.


It's back and this year's plates are off the charts funny.

Here are some samples below:


The couple tried to put their initials and year of marriage, but as the DMV explains the 8 looks hate and JWS looks like Jews..

Nice try CCS.


Well, I mean do we have to explain why this didn't make it?

On my way to bang your....

Yeah, DMV says a hard no.


The father was trying to celebrate his son Dick moving out....

Well the DMV doesn't think it was clear enough.


The person has a blue car, but the DMV doesn't agree that people will see it that way.


The driver is a nurse anesthetist, but it looks like she means gas (farts).

DMV was not a fan of this.


A professional fisher wanted to make it clear to everyone who he was.

The DMV didn't like the free promotion.

Interested in seeing more?

Check them out below.

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