MLB Player Uses "Baby Shark" As His Walk Up Song On Opening Day

Chicago Cubs v Texas Rangers

Photo: Getty Images

Baseball Season is back!!

We've waited all winter and the best time of the year is finally upon us.


There's another great part to this season.

Texas Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus is using the BEST song ever as his walk up song.


We're just as excited as you!!!

The reason Andrus is using this song is even better.

He's honoring his two-year old son.

"It reminds me of my son and gets me where I want to be for an at-bat," Andrus told the Dallas Morning News. "You will get used to it. I did."

Despite getting some flack from certain fans, he doesn't care if it helps him get hits.

"It's my at-bats, it's my song, I can do anything I want," Andrus told "I am very superstitious. If it gets a hit every day, I am going to keep it. If I don't get any hits, it might not be up there. Hopefully it will be the song I hit well with."

Well, yesterday Andrus went 3 for 4, with 2 RBI's and 1 Homerun.

Sooooo, looks like Baby Shark is here to stay.

We may just have to make a trip to Global Life Park this season to see it ourselves.

We're all rooting for you on the Gary and Shannon show Elvis.

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