Wow Airlines Shuts Down and Strands Passengers

We've all had a cancelled flight. They're annoying right? You're trying to go somewhere for vacation or a business trip and now suddenly you have another thing to deal with.

Have you ever been in a position where the entire airline just shut down and cancelled all of their flights?

People who had bought tickets for the budget airline "Wow" had just that experience.

BBC reports that on Thursday Wow airline completely went under, stranding passengers at the airport.

Apparently people were told at the last minute that their flights had been cancelled. One person had asked what would happen if the company shut down and this was someone's response:

"She said it wouldn't happen and gave us a pizza, saying we're expecting a flight plan in the next 15 minutes".

The pizza did not save the day, because this person reports that the company shut down soon after.

Other airlines such as EasyJet and Wizz Air are stepping up to the plate to try to get desperate passengers to their destinations.

Listen to Tim Conway Jr. talk about the incident below!

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