Elected Officials Now Want To Charge Us A 'Traffic Fee' On The Westside

"What is wrong with all of these people?" - John Kobylt.

Let's just say John isn't too happy about this happening in his neighborhood...

In Southern California, officials are now considering charging drivers to enter an area of West Los Angeles and Santa Monica, because they think it will help relieve rush-hour traffic jams and long commute times. This is all due to a study released Thursday by the Southern California Association of Governments.

According to the report, a $4 fee to drive into the area during weekday rush-hour could reduce traffic, delays, and miles driven by more than 20%. But we all know that a study does not always know what's best for a city...

“If you are going to pick an area of the city to do this, history suggests that people on the Westside have the means and the resources and the time to object to stuff they don’t like,” Los Angeles City Councilman Mike Bonin said. “Absent a very different approach to this … I think it would be a very controversial idea.”

Adding another charge on drivers just to attempt to cut traffic gridlock? Yeah right! As always, we'll keep you updated on the "controversial", and quite terrible idea.

Check out the traffic fee area map on the Los Angeles Times.

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