A Boy and his Bear

This is a tale of a good cop. While it’s important to talk about police officers break the rules or worse, it’s also vital that we give a shout out to the multitude of cops who bring honor to the uniform.

Woodbridge, New Jersey is the site of a rescue that wasn’t so much brave as simply kind.

Ryan Paul is a 12 year old boy with Autism and a special teddy bear he never wants to be without. Parents of kids with Autism know how important these comfort objects are.

One day, the teddy bear went missing. SPOILER ALERT: It wasn’t really gone but Ryan could not find it.

So, in a panic, he called 911. After yelling that his teddy bear “fell down again,” he hung up. Well the township of Woodbridge has a policy that requires an officer respond to any disconnected 911 calls.

Minutes later, Officer Khari Manzini arrived on the scene. Officer Manzini was well prepared for the situation, because he had received extensive training from a non-profit group called POAC Autism Services, that provided parental support as well as training to police officers first responders throughout the state.

Officer Manzini quickly found the teddy bear where it had fallen next to Ryan’s bed.

Here’s what Ryan got:

His teddy bear back

A big hug from Officer Manzini

A lesson from his dad about the difference between a real 911 emergency and a teddy bear problem.

Smiles all around!

Here’s a video covering the story, with a special appearance by the teddy bear!

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