Round 1 Voting Continues for the Beaks N' Wings and Wildcard Divisions!

Baby Animal Bracket

Ladies and Gentlemen, time to check your brackets - results for the Waterproof and Furries division are in!

Round 1

Waterproof Division winners:

  • Baby Crocodile vs Baby Sea Turtle: (20-80) - The baby Sea Turtles proved to be too much for the Baby Crocodile as the Kemp Ridley Sea Turtles were able to easily scuttle past their competitors in round one.
  • Baby Chameleon vs Baby Hippo: (11-89) - Baby Hippo was merciless against their rival in Round 1. The Baby Chameleon couldn't hide from the Hippo and it lost big in the first round.
  • Baby Harp Seal vs Baby Pufferfish: (87-12) - The Baby Harp Seal is back again this year and continues to show why they dominate in round 1 action. The Baby Pufferfish was unable to keep up with the Harp Seal in voting, losing in another blowout for the Waterproof division.
  • Baby Otter vs Baby Salamander: (95-5) - The blowouts continued for the Waterproof division with the Baby Giant Otter absolutely dominating his competitor in round 1. The Baby Salamander just couldn't deal with the cuteness overload (Neither can we).

Furries Division

  • Baby Lamb vs Baby Pudu: (34-66) - It was a great match-up between the Baby Lamb and Baby Pudu, but after the first quarter, the Baby Pudu couldn't be stopped and the votes poured in.
  • Baby Goat vs Baby Bunny: (50-49) - A buzzer beater at the last minute sealed Baby Goat's win. Last year's winner will continue into the next round!
  • Baby Fox vs Baby Skunk: (45-55) - The Baby Skunk may not smell great, but he gets results. The Baby Skunk moves onto Round 2!
  • Baby Dik Dik vs Baby Prairie Dog: (64-36) - It wasn't looking good for the Baby Dik Dik at first, but as more support rolled in, a potential bracket buster was avoided. The Baby Dik Dik will continue into Round 2, which means everyone can keep trying to pronounce the animal's name and giggling to themselves for the foreseeable future.

Beaks N' Wings and the Wildcard divisions are next. Vote for your favorites here! Take a look at the contenders you'll be voting for below!

Special thanks to the Los Angeles Zoo for their help in obtaining some of our photos for the Baby Animal bracket!

Photos: L.A. Zoo, Unsplash, Wikimedia Creative Commons, Getty Images

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