Police K9 Finds Lost Children In Under 15 Minutes

What a good boy!

Virginia's Powhatan Sheriff's Department recently posted a post to Facebook bringing awareness to departments maintaining a well-trained K9 program.

They may be expensive and take time, but they are worth every penny.

Recently, after two 8-year old children went missing a neighborhood went into a panic.

It was over 45 minutes and the search team could not find any traces of the children.

So the Powhatan Sheriff's Department called in their trusty sidekick, K9 Bane!

It took only 15 minutes for Bane to safely find the missing children.

An innocent game of chase led to the children getting lost, but good ole' Bane saved the day.

It's stories like these that warm our hearts.

Dogs are innocent and sweet beings.

How can someone not love them?

So next time you're wondering why Police Departments invest in K9 units, this is why.

They truly do make a difference.

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