L.A. County Expands Ban on Vaping and Smoking Cannabis in Public


If you were planning to go to the beach and smoking a joint while watching the tide come in this weekend, you'll want to think about finding other plans.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors updated the legal definition of "smoke" and "smoking" to cover vaping and smoking weed on Tuesday, making it illegal to light up at Los Angeles county beaches, parks, government building and other locations. Smoking is now banned within 25 feet of restaurants and bars, which also includes e-cigarettes and pot.

Smoking pot or vaping (any and all substances, including liquid nicotine) is now banned from 25 miles of beaches that are owned and operated by the county, or in the parking lots of those recreation areas in Malibu, Venice and Marina del Rey.

The move by the county brings it in line with the city of Los Angeles, which added vaping to its smoking ban five years ago.

Prop 64, which legalized cannabis for recreational consumption in California already makes it illegal to smoke weed in public, but county officials wanted to update the law to ensure it was clear using pot is illegal in places where tobacco smoking is also forbidden.

"By closing loopholes of smoke-free zones … L.A. County residents are better able to enjoy cleaner, healthier air," Supervisor Hilda Solis said. "No one should have to worry about the harmful effects of second-hand smoke while walking to school or work, or enjoying a meal in a restaurant."

Photo: Getty Images

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