Big Baller Break

When you think of powerful three letter statements what comes to mind? Mac, changing and innovating technology at an exponential rate? CNN, providing news for the entire nation, even the world? KFI, providing the highest level of stimulating talk, along with this very platform? WAR, affecting millions of lives throughout the history of human existence?

Well around here, the three letter statement that means the most is B.B.B!

That’s right, as Los Angeles Lakers’ Guard, Lonzo Ball’s Father Lavar so eloquently named it, “BIG BALLER BRAND!” The brand that will alter the very fabric of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Brace yourself because what I will tell you next will bring a tear to your eye! Upon his entry to the NBA, son of the LEGEND, Lavar Ball, Lonzo Ball went and got a tattoo of the brands logo. (B.B.B. on his forearm) In all of it’s glory it sat upon the future star’s arm as a symbol of honor, family... and perhaps overconfidence.

However, as of Tuesday, March 26, 2019, this symbol has met it’s heartbreaking end as Lonzo decided to get the tattoo covered and replaced by a pair of dice as a new deal with Nike has been speculated. Although the brand might be coming to an end, it still lives in the hearts of overconfident parents everywhere.

Are you screaming Long Live Big Baller Brand or Good Riddance?

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