Woman After Crazy Car Chase, "I Was Late For Work"

Photo Credit: Ohio State Highway Patrol

You won't believe what this lady tried to do. Imani Edwards of Cleveland was being pulled over for expired registration when she took the Ohio State Highway Patrol on a crazy pursuit. After all it was done though, Edwards said she was just trying to get to work.

Edwards is being charged with felony assault and failure to comply.

Check out some of this raw footage from the pursuit. Towards the end of this pursuit, this ladies car was in pieces.

At one point in the chase though, Edwards had been boxed in by the highway patrol with the officers guns pulled. Even though she was facing multiple guns, Edwards decided to smash through the patrol cars and keep on going.

Further on in the chase, the back of Edwards cars was completely destroyed, but she kept on driving.

She was finally stopped when one of the patrol cars forced her off the road and pushed her into a utility pole.

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