Jordan Peele's 'US' is Scaring People Away From Visiting Santa Cruz

The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Hosts An Official Academy Of Us

Santa Cruz is canceled! Not really, but that's what many are saying after watching Jordan Peele's latest project, Us. The film, which debuted this past Friday is the top grossing film in the country and has since had the highest opening weekend for a horror flick.

Us follows a family visiting Santa Cruz for a vacation where they are attacked by evil doppelgangers. The film was filmed on location at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and on social media, many are vowing to stay away from there!

"If you're that heavily influenced by movies, I'd say stay away. But I am not that type of person. I'd come back, even after the movie," said Sheriyan Bradford, a visitor from San Diego. She jokingly added, "I didn't see anyone who looked like me. I should be OK!"

Sadie Satanas who lives across the street from the boardwalk told ABC7 that the whole ordeal thoroughly entertained her.

"Being a lifelong horror (movie) fan, you can imagine my shock looking out my doors and seeing Jordan Peele is filming his new horror movie in front my house," said Satanas. "It was awesome."

She thought it was hilarious that some people are choosing to stay away from the town. "When people were saying that our town was canceled, I thought that was hilarious! Santa Cruz will never be canceled."

There is a plus side to all of the attraction the town is getting.

"The movie premiered on Friday, and we had a really strong weekend... especially at our haunted attractions," said Kris Reyes, with the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

"What I believe what it is doing, is it may be reaching an audience who otherwise wouldn't have thought to come to Santa Cruz," added another organization member, Christina Glynn.

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