Round 1 Voting For The Baby Animal Bracket is Now Open!

So it begins.

Let it be known across the land that voting for Gary and Shannon's third annual Baby Animal is now open. It's up to you to cheer on and vote for your favorite (and CUTEST) baby animals in the world.

If you need a reminder about how cute the animals are in your bracket for this year, check out the galleries below. Then, VOTE HERE to make sure your favorites make it to the next round.

Waterproof Division

(by the way, if you get stuck trying to page through the galleries, there's a "Continue Gallery' located in the gallery display. Just highlight the page and you should see it to get to the rest of the photos).

Vote HERE!

The Furries Division

(Again, look for the "Continue Gallery' to keep paging through the display. Highlight the page and you should be able to see it).

One more time, this is the link where you can vote!

To the victors go the spoils! Good luck to all our contenders!

Special thanks to the Los Angeles Zoo for several photos of our contestants.

Photos: L.A. Zoo, Getty Images, Wikimedia, Unsplash

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