How California's Homeless Policies Have Only Worsened the Epidemic

The homeless problem in California is growing and has now turned into an epidemic.

Typhus outbreaks, increasing crime rates and filthy streets plague neighborhoods across the once beautiful state.

While the Democratic super-majority in the California Legislature advocates for the vagrants and tries to find solutions to get them into shelters, their policies have done anything but help the situation and have in fact just made things 10 times worse.

"The explosion of California homelessness can be directly linked to the radical left’s determination to empty out the jails and prisons through legislation and ballot initiatives, claiming to be for safe neighborhoods and the well-being of our children," California Globe editor Katy Grimes writes. "Combine that with the outrageous housing costs and lack of available affordable housing, and California is ground zero for a homeless explosion comparable only to colonies of feral cats."

There is a literal "Defecation Map" for you to refer to when you are navigating the streets of San Francisco.

In Sacramento alone there was a 30 percent spike in homelessness in just two years. Los Angeles saw a 75 percent surge in six years.

The money in the hands of California's politicians is clearly not being used properly and the homeless epidemic just seems to be getting worse.

Read more of Katy Grimes' article about the homeless crisis here, and listen for her interview with Ken today at 4:00 p.m.

Photo: Getty Images

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