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Eno Polo, the president of Havaianas joined KFI's Jane Wells for an interview about how he's turned his company into the No. 1 sandal brand in Europe and how he plans to import that success here to the United States. Havaianas is a Brazilian flip flop company that has sold almost 250 million pairs of flip flops - which is about 10 pairs every second!

One of Polo's first moves after he became president in 2017, was to move the company's headquarters from New York to Los Angeles and he had a great reason for it.

"I think if you're a flip-flop brand, you want to be close to the consumer, and at the end of the day, we live on the beach - we're a summer brand," said Polo.

"It's a great product to wear on the beach. It's made out of rubber and not plastic, so it always comes back to its original shape. Especially for Brazilians or people who wear them every day. Rubber doesn't smell - as opposed to plastic, and it doesn't heat in the sun when you leave them on the beach. It doesn't burn your feet when you go back."

Havaianas are already hugely successful around the world, but here in the United States, the company about a 5 percent market share. When asked how he plans on making Havaianas as indispensable to Americans as they are everywhere else in the world, Polo said it comes down to cooperation.

"I think like all things in life, you've got to keep a simple vision, get everyone pushing the cart in the same direction," said Polo.

Watch the full interview with Polo and Jane Wells below.

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