Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Honorable Mention - Florida man arrested and accused of shoving woman to get to egg rolls

9 - Connecticut police investigating anonymous couple that is leaving boxes in a yard

8 - Miami Beach holds emergency spring break meeting because it was too fun

7 - United Airlines becomes first airline to add non-binary gender booking options

6 - Illegal New York trafficker busted with 7 sandbar sharks in pool inside home

5 - Muscle-bound monkey spotted at zoo in Finland

4 - Man that changed his name to "Michael Jackson" wants to reverse it after watching "Leaving Neverland"

3 - Japan tells drug addicts to eat udon noodles instead

2 - 20 Troy, Michigan cops disciplined for eating firefighters' snacks

1 - Initiative started to rename town of Dripping Springs to "Pound Town" after early settler

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