Gov. Newsom Explains Why He Put a Freeze on the Death Penalty

Governor Gavin Newsom has received plenty of criticism in the weeks after his announcement to place a hold on the death penalty in California.

While he has expressed his reasons for doing so, majority of Californians still do not agree with the Democrat and are frustrated with the injustice.

To further defend himself, Newsom published a CNN opinion piece, detailing his reasons for placing moratorium and why he truly believes this is a good step for California.

"The death penalty as we know it represents an unfair, unjust and unequal system that does not make us safer," he writes.

Currently 737 people await execution on death row, with more than half consisting of African-American or Latino inmates. Newsom says this 'racial inequity has long plagued our death penalty process.'

"I took this action because death sentences are unevenly and unfairly applied based on race, income and mental disability, and because we cannot abide the potential execution of an innocent person," he goes on.

Newsom talks about the high cost of executions and how the 'death penalty has not proven to prevent violent crime.'

"To be clear, no one currently on death row in our state is getting out of prison, and no one who commits a heinous crime will avoid swift and severe punishment, including a life behind bars. But here in California, we will no longer perpetuate a flawed system that delays, denies and discriminates," Newsom writes.

Read the full paragraph's of excuses at CNN.

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