"Florida Man" Challenge Taking The Internet By Storm

Who would've thought that a random tweet would put the internet into a frenzy?

We all know that Florida has the craziest stories.

The "Sunshine State" will bring you stories about a man assaulting a roommate with a pizza, a man locking his keys in his car to prevent the cops from searching his car and so so so much more.

Well, Twitter user @g_pratimaaa came up with the best idea ever and suggested to others to google search "Florida Man + The Date Of Your Birthday" and be amazed by the interesting story that follows.

For instance, MY birthday is October 13th.

Test our your birthday and let us know what you get.

It's all fun and games, Florida.

Don't get offended.

It's not that we don't like Florida, we're just admiring the out of the world headlines that happen in your state.

So many people we're having fun with this challenge that Florida remained the #1 trending topic for over 24 hours.

California man wouldn't give us the same affect.

So test it out.

Let yourself be amazed.

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