USC Judicial Council Investigating More Than 60 Students

Yesterday it was reported that USC began investigations on the students linked to the college admissions bribery scandal. As the USC Judicial Council for the Undergraduate Student Government continues investigations, the fellow classmates of the lying students are calling the cheaters out themselves.

Sources directly connected to the Council told TMZ, "USC students have referred 60 of their classmates to the Council, claiming they used underhanded or illegal means to gain admission." Another source told TMZ there is "hysteria" on the campus and accusations are flying left and right in the wake of the scandal.

However, of the 60 reported allegations, the Council determined 57 of them were unfounded.

Of the remaining 3 students who were accused, TMZ reports 2 of them are freshmen and used Rick Singer's services and appeared "very nervous" after the scandal was revealed.

The USC Judicial Council has the power to suspend students for one semester and to place students on unlimited academic probation but they have since handed over the cases to University officials.

Photo: Getty Images

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