Survey: 3 In 5 Millennials Say Life More Stressful Now Than Ever Before

It seems as though the age of technology has only brought on a big stressful mess for the young millennials.

A recent survey of 2,000 American millennials shows about 3 out of 5 (58%) feel life is more stressful right now than ever.

The survey, commissioned by CBD oil company Endoca, reveals that "one-third of millennials believe their lives are more stressful than the average person's life."

It was reported that overall, millennials feel their stress level is caused by the "accumulation of daily microstressors," such as being stuck in traffic, waiting for appointments, or various smartphone issues."

Around half of the survey respondents said they don't feel they deal well with stress in general and two-thirds said they'd like to find more 'coping methods.'

“Stress isn’t an abstract issue – it’s a significant problem and doesn’t necessarily have to be caused by one large inciting incident,” CEO of Endoca, Henry Vincenty said in a statement. “No matter what’s causing our stress, we should take care to be proactive about finding solutions before it begins affecting our health.”

Below are the top 20 stressful scenarios reported by millennials:

1. Losing wallet/credit card

2. Arguing with partner

3. Commute/traffic delays

4. Losing phone

5. Arriving late to work

6. Slow WiFi

7. Phone battery dying

8. Forgetting passwords

9. Credit card fraud

10. Forgetting phone charger

11. Losing/misplacing keys

12. Paying bills

13. Job interviews

14. Phone screen breaking

15. Credit card bills

16. Check engine light coming on

17. School loan payments

18. Job security

19. Choosing what to wear

20. Washing dishes

All these issues are keeping the millennials up at night, with nearly all survey participants claiming they struggle to fall asleep roughly three nights per week- about 138 nights each year.

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