Music Video Shoot Gone Completely Wrong And Leads To Police Arrest

We never thought we'd have to say this, but please be aware of what your situation looks like when shooting a music video.

If you're going to be "pretend" kidnapping a victim and tie them up with duct tape. We hate to break it to you, but you're going to look sketchy.

Even worse, if the victim is going to "pretend" to break free from the trunk and you have a shovel and handgun on hand, it probably be best to let the cops know what you're doing.

This all seems like common sense right...

Well, apparently not.

Last week, the San Dimas police station received an emergency call about a possible kidnapping on Highway 39 in the San Gabriel Mountains. The informant explained that he saw two suspects pointing a gun at a victim who's hands were duct taped.

After an intense investigation, the deputies discovered it wasn't a real kidnapping..... just a music video shoot.

So if this is you and possibly in your future plans, let the cops know.

Do all of us a favor and don't freak out others.

Why are you kidnapping someone in your music video?

Well that's a question for another day....

Check out the GREAT Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department post below.

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