Actress, Comedienne, and Cancer Survivor Wendy Hammers Busts a Move

When Wendy Hammers lost one her dearest friends to cancer years ago she created a one woman play called "Ripe" - a valentine - to honor her. Then, not long after, she herself was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer survival rates are daunting - terrifying, actually. About 6% of people diagnosed with it live to tell the tale.

Hammers talks with Dr. Wendy about her key to survival - the mind/body connection. Hammers explains that it was absolutely her determination and attitude that pulled her body through 12 rounds of chemo.

She is an inspiring woman who also happens to be in love with her body and in love with growing older. She isn't shy to dance, dance, dance whenever given the chance. Joie de vivre? That's Wendy Hammers in a nutshell.

To learn more about Ripe, "a juicy dance with words," click HERE.

To find out more about Wendy Hammers, click HERE.

To LISTEN to her AMAZING interview, click BELOW!

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