Nebraska Man Mistakenly Uses Drumsticks For Robbing Instead Of Drumming...

Have you ever thought of robbing a pizza joint? I can't speak for everyone, but some of us certainly have (for the free pizza of course...)

Well, one man in Lincoln, Nebraska decided to do just that. And what better tool to help you hold up a Papa John's Pizza restaurant than... drumsticks?

“Not the chicken wings and not the type that have the ice-cream,” Lincoln Police Captain Ben Kopsa stated. “The actual drumsticks to play a snare drum with.”

The Police Captain told KLIN News that they received the call from the North Lincoln Papa John's around 7:30 pm on Thursday night. Employees said the man was holding drumsticks and a sign that read "Give me everything in the register".

Thankfully, everyone in the restaurant (including the pizza), were reported okay after the incident.

“The party did not get any money or anything of value,” Captain Kopsa added.

Police said the man, 33-year-old Joseph Peterson, broke a glass panel outside of the restaurant before fleeing. He was found soon after and arrested for attempted robbery and criminal mischief.

Note to self... Don't rob a pizza joint. And especially not with drumsticks.

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