The Mastermind Behind the College Admissions Scheme

The mastermind behind the recent college admissions scandal is known to many wealthy families as a "master coach," offering parents his help in order to get their children into elite universities at a hefty price.

William "Rick" Singer is the founder and CEO of the company Key, a "Private Life Coaching and College Counseling Company." According to its website, The Key caters to wealthy families trying to get their kids into college: “the Key’s clientele is all referral based; consequently, the quality of the service provided to many of the world’s most renown [sic] families and individuals has provided an incredible foundation for The Key to grow its offerings worldwide.”

Singer, 58, pleaded guilty this week to charges of fraud, racketeering, money laundering and obstruction of justice, the LA Times reports.

According to prosecutors, Singer was paid more than $25 million by parents who believed their children lacked the grades and test scores to get into elite universities.

A charity registered at his six-bathroom, $1.5-million Newport Beach home, said in tax documents it helped "underserved Oakland schoolchildren and “needy Cambodians.”

Singer admitted charging $15,000 to $75,000 to rig tests for children in his con he called the “home run of home runs.”

Read more about Singer's scheme here.

Photo: Getty Images

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