A Florida Mayor Arrested 20 Days After Taking Over Mayor Who Was Arrested

Having one political scandal in your hometown is big.

Having two is unheard of.

But having two big scandals in one town within 20 days of each other? Now that is almost remarkable.

Tampa Bay Times reports that Terrence Rowe was arrested on February 21 on charges of using a two-way communication device to facilitate a crime, conspiracy to commit obstruction of justice, and obstruction of justice. He was only mayor for 20 days after taking over for the previous mayor.

Who was that previous mayor and what happened to him?

Well, he is Dale Massad. He was arrested in February for shooting at a SWAT team member.

Wait, why did he shoot at a SWAT team member?

Massad was practicing medicine without a license. CBS News reports that Massad would invite "patients" into his home and give them various treatments. SWAT came to try to arrest him and Massad opened fired. Everyone was very lucky that no one was killed.

Here's hoping that the third time is the charm for Port Richey.

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