#WhatchaWatchinWednesday: Bachelor Report with Petros FINALE!!!



Finally we have come to the end of another torturous season of The Bachelor!

Let me get you up to speed so you can truly appreciate all of the idiocy that this finale has to offer...

Cassie doesn't love Colton.

How do we know?

She told him.

How else do we know?

She left.

How did Colton handle it?

Not well.

Somehow, and we don't know how, Colton still kept going after this girl.

Literally everyone told him to give up.

Did that stop Colton?


Not even a little bit.

Should it have?

Well, based on how awkward and uncomfortable they seem together, yes.

100% yes.

Because now they're in a relationship that is totally one-sided in the love department.

Well, they're both in love, I suppose.

Colton loves Cassie, and Cassie loves the attention.

You know, the basis for a strong, lasting relationship.

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