New Head, Who Dis?

Let’s imagine, for the sake of science, that your head fell off.

Maybe you started wearing a hipster cap, and it was too tight, and you got gangrene.

Perhaps you were at a Clippers game and Lou Williams launched an errant shot into your forehead.

Or you went to a Slipknot concert and wore out your neck muscles banging to “Left Behind.”


The point is, you would be done. No head, no nothing for you. I cannot overstate the importance of a functioning head to human life. But not all animals have this limitation.

Researchers have discovered that some species of worms can regrow their heads!

Lots of animals can regenerate body parts. Lizards are constantly dropping their tails for whatever reason and then growing a new one. Heck, even humans re-grow skin over a wound. But these worms are re-growing a whole head, including the brain!

It’s also true that many of these works could not grow a new head. But those worms were able to survive for a surprisingly long time with no head. Like for months!!!

This is not only a major scientific discovery, it’s also good news for the nascent work sunglasses and ear muff industries.

Should you find yourself skeptical about any of this, I suggest you get the March 6th, 2019 issue of Proceedings of the Royal Society B and read all about it.

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