#MugshotOfTheDay: Great Balls Of Fire

Photo: Blount County Sheriff's Office

Next time you think about leaving your food delivery driver a small tip, you might want to think twice.

Last month Howard Matthew Webb garnered some attention after he dipped... yes dipped his testicles into a customer's salsa.

Lets just hope that salsa didn't have any extra flavor.

Because of that double... dipping, Webb was sentenced to nine days in a Tennessee Jail and will then have six months of probation.

But that's not the end of this story.

During his sentencing, Webb almost made things even worse.

Apparently Webb thought the Judge Robert Hendrick had a sense of humor and was laughing while being sentenced.

In response to his "humor", Judge Hendrick asked, "What are you laughing about Mr. Webb." Also adding that "there is nothing about this situation I find cute or funny. It's abhorrent."

So warning for the next time you use a delivery app, you just might want to make sure to tip your driver nicely... or you might just end up with a little extra flavoring in your food.

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