Founder Of The "Citizen" App Visits The Show Tonight

Tonight Peter Donald and Andrew Frame came on the show. Andrew is the Founder and the CEO of the Citizen App and Peter is a Retired New York Police Department Assistant Commissioner who now works for the company.

Citizen is a real-time crime and fire alerting app that uses your phone's location to give you updates about incidents happening around you. The app so far works in the cities of New York City, San Francisco, and Baltimore and starting today, will now also work in Los Angeles. Cities in Southern California also included are the cities of Glendale, Culver City, Beverly Hills, Burbank, San Fernando, Inglewood, and Marina Del Rey.

Example of how a alert would look on the app.

The app gets its information on incidents by scanning hundreds of public-safety radio bands and filters out what it determines is non-essential information. After receiving that information it will put it out on the app as a short factual alert to everyone within a quarter mile of the incident. The app does not sell any of its user data.

What makes Citizen different is its sourcing information from police scanners, rather than being user reporter. Because of that difference that app is able to get information out even before police or firefighters are even on the scene. The Citizen app is available both on the Apple App Store and the Google Play App Store. Be sure to all check out there Instagram and Twitter where they share stories of there app.

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