A Giant 11ft Crucifix Is Visible in Lake Michigan

For the first time since 2015, a giant underwater crucifix is visible to tourists. For the past few years, severe weather has covered the crucifix and made it impossible for the public to see.

Now people are able to make the trek and see the site.

How did the 1850-pound, marble crucifix get down there?

Inside Edition reports that the crucifix was ordered by parents who were grieving over the death of their 15 year old son back in 1956. They refused the shipment due to damage. It was then lowered into Lake Michigan as a tribute to a diver who drowned nearby. Since 1985, it has become a tourist destination for anyone trying to get a glimpse of the statue.

Today, the statue sits about 1,200 feet from the shore and is drawing hundreds of tourists. Public viewings only take place if there is a tent above it. For example, if there is severe weather, the tent will be taken down and the public viewing will be cancelled that day.

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